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Hachimenroppi’s eyes rolled back as the ex-bartender’s fingers worked through his hair. It was such a pleasant warm feeling that he let out a soft purring noise, though it was muffled by the suit vest his mouth was pressed into. Eyelids fluttered shut and he nuzzled the man’s lower stomach, his nose pressing lower near the rim of Shizuo’s pants. There was nothing intentional about any of his movements, save for the mere fact that there was warmth and comfort and Roppi wanted to shut himself up inside of it figuratively, that desire manifesting itself outwardly due to his drunken state of mind.

“No…” Roppi whispered, able to answer that question at the very least. He wasn’t tired. He was warm. He wanted to stay warm. Shifting a little, the lithe body rubbed up against a growing hardness below the waist of Shizuo’s pants and Roppi foggily tried to figure out what it was. Fingers traveled down from his head to his ass and he realized what the hardness was in that moment, the blonde’s noise of contentment being the thing that made him snap.

Instinct that had formed thanks to his desperate way of survival surfaced and for some reason, Roppi’s mind deluded him into thinking that he was in the presence of a customer named Shizuo Heiwajima. He immediately slipped into his usual practice and began pressing his face into the growing bulge in the other’s pants, one hand slipping around to give it a soft rub. 

"Rop.. pi.. I—" Before he was actually able to form a sentence, Roppi had already read what was on his mind, apparently - and even initiated it himself. His expression softened, and he looked almost intoxicated by pure lust at this point, hips pushing into whatever touch Roppi was offering. Meanwhile, he worked up the courage to begin moving his index and middle fingers between the perfectly warm ass cheeks below. His own legs spread, and so did Roppi’s, now being offered a lot more room to caress around.

Maybe it was the alcohol, but to him, the raven seem to be doing quite a brilliant job, and things had only just begun. He never intended for it to go this far. In fact, he contemplated actually stopping it and storming off to bed. It wouldn’t register. Apparently Shizuo was just like any man. He, of all people, was an especially sexually deprived one, so naturally, he was thinking more clearly with a different organ.

Finally, giving the man some further acknowledgement, he looked back down, one eye closed. “You’re.. sure you want this?” He sounded hesitant. But who wouldn’t be? He had never done something like this before, and with a man..? It seemed like something this bothersome would never happen.

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Roppi glanced up as Shizuo returned to the mini fridge, watching him retrieve another beer. “…ah…sure.” He answered quietly, unwilling to turn down anything from the blonde today. It was amazing that he was in the same room with him, let alone would be sharing the house for a while. Finishing his beer, he set the can aside and reached for the second that Shizuo brought. Alcohol, though, never sat well with him and his mind started to become foggy as he took a sip from the new can.

Love was an emotion he’d grown to hate, forever plagued with the knowledge that he would always deal with it and never have it returned. It was mocking him, taunting him, telling him that he wasn’t worth the emotion. Roppi had learned to believe the laughing voices that told him he was worthless shit, giving birth to all of his personal issues. The voices and faces disappeared when he drank, and he took another gulp, stifling a hiccup with his sleeve.

Shizuo started turning into a much more perfect version of the real man beside him in Hachimenroppi’s vision, his voice gliding out smoothly as he admitted to enjoying the company. The raven’s already-teetering conscious slipped into delusion and his body flopped to the side, sprawling out over Shizuo’s lap as he curled his thin arms around the man’s waist, face pressed into his stomach.

“Could nev’ be ‘fraid of you.”

The warm twist in his stomach only tightened once Roppi wrapped himself around it. His cheeks bore a light shade of pink, and his brows raised. Lips trembled, almost fearing to speak anything that may cause the situation to progress. Despite his hostile and violent nature, he could be quite the closet pervert. Instead of speaking, his palm stretched itself across the man’s skull, gently rubbing into his scalp and skimming the soft raven locks. Things became quiet again. “Uh..” There he was, yet again put into another uncomfortable position. He didn’t exactly hate Roppi’s touch at this point either, so he had no fucking idea what to do.

"Are you.. tired?" The inquisitive was rather awkwardly said as his head turned down, lips forcing a friendly grin instead of a creepily aroused one - because at the moment he could feel cloth rubbing up against his member. It was, for lack of better words, fucking unbearable. He awaited a response but couldn’t wait patiently enough for an answer before actually resting his hand between the man’s rear cheeks. The only thought going through his mind was ‘soft and warm’, which influenced his skin to grow in a darker shade of color.


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Roppi let out a short yelp as he was half-dropped onto the sofa, eyes squeezing shut briefly at the slam of the door before opening again to focus on Shizuo in total confusion. Years ago, he’d been brushed off as someone irritating and he had thought that he was nothing but a bother to the ex-bartender, probably causing him a great deal of discomfort at the knowledge that he loved him so deeply. The raven glanced away as Shizuo tried consoling him. He didn’t need it. He was twisted enough to actually anticipate and enjoy any sort of abuse from the blonde, the attention alone being as refreshing as a cool drink of water in a desert.

He caught the beer in his hand and nodded a little. “I’m not afraid of you, Shizuo-san.” His confidence, though flimsy, was beginning to return and the nasty twist in his gut had lessened some. Roppi accepted the fact that he’d be living here, regardless of what he said, and inwardly was happy that Shizuo insisted and gave him no option. It meant the other wanted him here.

With a sharp click of aluminum, Roppi opened the can of beer and took a nice swig. He was prone to drinking during his more depressing moments to take the edge off and had developed a taste—though not a tolerance—for alcohol in general. “…I don’t mind the couch.” He said softly, staring down at the can in his hand and then stealing a glance over at Shizuo as he sat somewhat beside him. It was weird, being able to sit together. He hadn’t spent any large amount of time with the other since the last time they’d spoken.

Things became awkwardly silent once Roppi began sipping from his can of beer - Shizuo naturally following suit as he was nearly finished with his. Dactyl began caressing the increase of his forehead, not irritably, but in weary; he was mentally exhausted from today. And who could blame him? He was forced to deal with the subject he hated most, today; love. Shizuo was still unable to handle that emotion in correspondent to his own, but he was willing to.. see what loving him was truly like.

"Y’want another?" He questioned within the brink of the tense silence, standing himself up and walking back towards the mini fridge. There was still a voice in the back of his head that told him to refuse the man acknowledgement, because of the hard facts he was being forced to face. Roppi loved him. He couldn’t change it, even though he’s tried. This man really did have feelings for him. Teeth bit into a bottom lip, his stomach turning at the disgustingly warm sensation he was unable to identify. It felt good. Maybe the alcohol was already getting to him? With that last thought, he opened yet another can and began chugging. "Ahh.."

Eyes fell, concentration being caught by his feet as he reluctantly dragged himself back over to the couch. He was well on his way to being a little tipsy, body falling back onto the cushiony surface behind him, proximity closing in with the raven. “It actually feels kinda nice being around someone who isn’t afraid of me.”

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Suddenly there was a warm grip on his hand and Shizuo refused to accept any answer other than the one he’d been trying to avoid, sending another flicker of panic through his veins. Roppi tried to jerk away once, but the blonde’s hold was firm and he was unsuccessful. Why was he doing this? The brunette just didn’t understand. He let himself be dragged through the streets toward the blonde’s apartment, not knowing what else to do. How could he refuse when Shizuo was physically choosing for him?

The part of him that desperately wanted this gave in and he walked beside him until the bartender slung his thin body over his shoulder and Roppi let out a sharp noise of surprise. “O-Oi! What…are you..—?!” The question was unfinished and he dangled limply from Shizuo’s strong shoulder, feeling much like a sack of potatoes. The explanation silenced him from any other protest he would have made and crimson eyes fell to stare down at the pavement near Shizuo’s shoes. His fingers emerged from his sleeves to curl into the back of the man’s shirt. “…you weren’t a dick.”

Upon approaching his residence, he quickly reached for his pocket, tugging out the key to his door, opening it wide and immediately placing Roppi on his couch before actually slamming the door shut. “I know y’probably would have kept refusing.. if I didn’t drag you along with me.” Shrugging off the abrupt gesture, he gave the smaller man’s hair a quick ruffle before sauntering himself over to the mini fridge he had placed in the kitchen. His left index reached to loosen what bit of bowtie still dangled from his neck. He grabbed out a beer, keen to notice how uncomfortable Roppi must feel - he leered over and handed him his own can. “You can loosen up a bit, I’m not gonna hurt you.”

Even though Roppi claimed to be in love with him, Shizuo didn’t doubt it that the raven was afraid of him. Afraid he’ll explode, or possibly injure him. Shizuo didn’t know Roppi too well, and vice versa. Yet.. he openly welcomed that strange man into his abode. Though small it may be, it was rather empty, and well kept. Aside from the occassional beer cans kept circulate around the mini fridge.

"Alright.. So I’ve got the couch out here. There’s no other bed in this place besides my own. Sorry." He hadn’t noticed just how late it was getting. Either of them should be tired at this hour. Shizuo wasn’t about to go to sleep, but he did wander off into his bedroom to change clothes. Relaxing himself, he sat just a bit away from Roppi, as they unevenly sat on the couch.

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‘Crazy.’ Roppi twitched, knowing it was true, but before he could have a chance to respond or even pummel himself for it, Shizuo grabbed his hand and earned himself a hushed gasp of surprise. He didn’t want the blonde to see what he’d become, what he’d made himself into. At first, he attempted jerking his hand away, but Shizuo’s grip was too strong: gentle but strong. Roppi settled for keeping his head averted and let the other push up his sleeve, revealing the disgusting criss-crosses that marred his flesh. None of them had been fatal, or they would have all gone in the same direction. It was mostly the part of him that wanted to feel something other than heartache.

“No.” The raven stated quietly, in answer to Shizuo’s question. No, love had not done this to him. He’d done this to himself. Love was not to blame. Roppi didn’t bother explaining himself, just stood there and bore with the scrutiny of the other’s golden gaze, trying to tell himself that there wasn’t concern in those eyes, there wasn’t anything for him. It was disgust, not care. It had to be. He’d told himself all these years that it was.

A rush of panic swept through him as he heard the sudden offer. Red orbs widened and he jerked his head to look at the bartender in shock. ’Live with him?!’ Shizuo knew he didn’t have a home? How? When? Roppi faltered, his reasoning gone out the door for a moment as his weak heart clung to that offer like a lifeline, but he managed to control himself from screaming out yes. He couldn’t do this to Shizuo, it wouldn’t be right. He knew how much Roppi loved him and yet would still have to deal with that same leech living in his house? The thin man shivered a little, hurriedly shaking his head, denying the offer despite how badly he wanted to take it. “I wouldn’t want to impose. I can’t do that to you.” And, quieter.

Why do you care? Why now? I’m not worth that concern in your eyes.

"Bullshit." Shizuo didn’t know what he was calling bullshit. Maybe the reject of his offer - it wouldn’t suffice for him. "No" wasn’t an option. "I wouldn’t offer that shit to just anyone.. I don’t even know why I’m offerin’ now. So just come on." The grip on the smaller’s hand soon turned into a lithe hold, he managed his best to withdraw any kind of strength he bore in frustration, and just tugged Roppi along. Upon exiting the alleyway, he pushed through crowds ands dragged Roppi by the limp of his arm, praying to himself that he didn’t pull it from his socket.

He noticed the struggle in pulling him at an unnecessary quick pace, so he instead, turned himself to face the raven once again, curled his arm around the hold of his stomach, and swung him over his shoulder in unbridled fashion. It was a pretty obnoxiously, and yet again, insensitive thing to do, but at least he was learning in this process. His arm was wrapped around a delicate waist, as Roppi hung off the muscular shoulder that probably felt like absolute rock, and completely uncomfortable.

"Even if you think it’ll be imposing, yer still staying. It’s the least I can do for being such a dick." He really did feel bad. Even though he seemed to brush it off in obnoxious mannerisms, he hoped Roppi could at least notice he was trying to make one less person suffer because of him.

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                   “—There’s nothin’ to fuckin’ do.”

Growling underneath the smoke from his cigarette, shades fell to the middle bend of his nose, vision clearing. Rubbing betwixt the arch of his nose and the unison of his eyes, he sighed, pushing his sunglasses back up.

Indeed, there wasn’t much for him to do today - not that it was just this day in particular that he found to be rather monotonous - things were awkwardly, and irritatingly quiet.